Lighthouse Lacers

October 2020 Lighthouse Lacers Newsletter

The September 12th meeting was attended by seven members. The room was set up to easily practice social distancing and all wore masks. 

Rose Ann made the following announcements: She will be purchasing the tree for Hospice. The library list will be resent. She will not be seeking reelection as President. The Ocenco location will continue to be available for use by our group unless state or local mandates change. She returned the tree skirt to Cathy for lining. Cathy was able to find fabric to match the inside of the angel tree topper made by Sylvia.

Sylvia brought in her two angels of different sizes for the Hospice tree topper. Her pattern has been accepted for publication in the Lace Journal.

Other members brought ornaments to add to the decorations. 

Sylvia also brought in a variety of tree patterns and dimensional ornaments she made following a class on Point Fusion she took online.

In November, she will be demonstrating “stars.” They look like spiders.

The rest of the meeting was casual conversation.

October 10th: Decorate Tree at Hospice Alliance10220 Prairie Ridge Blvd, Pleasant Prairie, WI at 10:00 a.m. Use the door at the right side of the building. Press buzzer to enter. Must wear a mask, answer the screening questions (have you used public transportation, etc, tested positive or been exposed to someone who is positive, experiencing certain symptoms), and have your temperature checked prior to going to the conference room.

November 14th: 1:00 p.m.   Ocenco, INC, 10224-82nd Avenue, Pleasance Prairie, WI. Sylvia will demo “stars."  Start planning next year meeting topics/ demonstrations. Prepare election slate. Give options for box lunches

December 12th: 12:00 p.m. noon at Ocenco. We will be getting box lunches from The Corner Bakery. Election of officers. Dues payment of $6. Optional gift exchange.

Happy lacing 

Rose Ann Ambrowiak