Lighthouse Lacers

November 2022 Lighthouse Lacers Newsletter


Our October meeting was held at Hospice, as we decorated our tree for their use in a raffle fundraiser. Rose Ann, Fran, Therese, Cathy, Candy and Trish helped to put the tree and our handmade ornaments together.

The tree is on display in the Hospice office. Raffle drawing is Dec 3.  If you need raffle tickets to sell, please let me know by 11-9 and I can bring them to our retreat on the 12th. They are 3 for $5 or $2 each. The raffle includes our tree, a gift basket from Tenuta's and a quilt. Our November meeting is on the 12th. It is a retreat at Avalon Parc condominium clubhouse, 6325-44th Street. Entrance to condo is between Hanson Pools and Sunset Ridge cemetery on Green Bay Road.  We will start at 9:00 a.m., have a potluck lunch, and end in the afternoon. Please let me know you are coming, so we can set up enough tables and I can make enough sloppy joes for us. Coffee provided. You will need to bring your own cream, milk or sweetners.  I will have regular sugar and assorted teas. Sylvia will be bringing instructions for bookmarks.  If doing this project, bring 12 pairs of bobbins with 1 yard of size 80 tatting cotton on each bobbin.  If you want to use two colors, wind 2 pairs with one color (workers) and the other 10 pairs with second color (passive).  Bring your pillow and pins and other regular tools.  She will bring prickings printed on card stock, covered with contract paper and starch to stiffen the finished bookmark.  She does hers in two hours, so we should be able to complete during the day.  She will also bring copies of five additional bookmarks, so if you want to do others, bring more bobbins. Since we have many talented people, if you have a UFO that you prefer to work on, need to have help with, etc, this day would be perfect to complete those already on the pillow or shuttle. Our December 10th meeting will be the last meeting at Ocenco, 10225-82nd Avenue, Pleasant Prairie. Rose Ann’s husband has retired, so the conference room will no longer be available for our use.  We certainly thank him for enabling us to use this space since May of 2019. Please let Rose Ann know of other available locations for future meetings. The December meeting will be a box lunch from The Corner Bakery, optional gift exchange, collection of dues - $6, and fellowship.


2023 IOLI Convention- Sparks, NV. June 25-30 2024 IOLI Convention- Nashville, TN- no dates yet.

Happy lacing Trish

Rose Ann Ambrowiak