Lighthouse Lacers

November 2021 Lighthouse Lacers Newsletter

I trust you all have set your clocks back and are trying to adjust to this time change.

Our October meeting was attended by eight members.

The following items were discussed:

Website - the information is outdated. Rose Ann will ask Tom if he can update or share ability for someone to do it.

IOLI Northern Region Zoom meeting with Ruth Buck - She reviewed that the calendar on the website can be used to list meeting dates, webinars and workshops. The printed handbook will list contacts for each chapter that submitted information as of 10-10-2021. As information changes, can type in and update records online. 

Bulletin is looking for articles, patterns and information on big projects. 

Facebook has a lacemakers cottage page

Spotlight - all new books are posted here.

Convention will be at the Doubletree in Mesa, AZ

Discussion about Zoom instructors/ regional meetings/ virtual chapters.

Next Zoom meeting is Jan 4, 2022.  She will send out invitations to join.

The library will be transferred to Therese.

Tree for hospice and who should buy and store was not resolved.

Elections of officers to take place in December.  Rose Ann will not be seeking re-election.  Submit your name if interested in a role as an officer. 

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to Sylvia showing us how to make an ornament with a single pair of wound bobbins. Please bring your completed ornament for show and tell and the designer of the ornament would enjoy seeing how they turned out.

Our next meeting is November 13th from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at Ocenco, Inc, located at 10224-82nd Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI

We’ll be making another one-pair-lace ornament, this one with a snowman design.  It will use two new stitches, which we’ll learn, and you will have your choice of two different designs.  I will also pass out a small collection of other designs that you could do at home on your own, and a handout explaining how you can come up with your own designs including an explanation of how I produced the snowman prickings we will be making.  If you missed the last meeting, we’ll get you caught up in no time, so please don’t hesitate to come this time.

Here's what you should bring:

A lace pillow

2 bobbins: 1 pair

Lots of pins
a cover cloth:  Any cloth to put over the pins you have already worked

a crochet hook:  I use size 8 but size is not important.  You just want to be able to grab size 20 thread easily. I will bring several extra hooks, so if you don't already have one, don't buy one.
a pin pusher-puller:  You will need to push down and later lift up the pins as you work.

Scissors:  You only need this to cut off the excess thread when finished.
Thread  is optional   We will be using size 20 Lizbeth cotton in white, of course, and I will bring a ball of that.  If you want to wind bobbins before you come, put no more than 1 1/2 yards of thread on each bobbin.

These new ornaments are just as quick and easy as the first one.  It will be fun.  Hope to see you there.  Sylvia


   December 11th: Election of officers, dues collected, optional handmade gift exchange


   IOLI Convention for 2022- Mesa, AZ - July 17-23

   IOLI Convention for 2023- Sparks, NV - June 25-30


Happy lacing 

Rose Ann Ambrowiak