Lighthouse Lacers

May 2021 Lighthouse Lacers Newsletter

Greeting Lacers

The first in-person meeting was held on April 10, 2021 and was attended by eight members. We were masked and able to maintain social distancing guidelines.  It was great to be able to talk and see one another.
Our president Rose Ann opened the meeting. Welcome and restated the election of officers will be held in December, so the current officers will remain in place until then.

Treasurer report was provided by Therese for the year ending 12-31-2020: $1,628.31 is in the Johnson Bank account. A TCF Bank Certificate of deposit has a value of $4,878.94.
No dues were collected in 2020 as we had no scheduled events. The only expense was for the tree purchased for hospice.

IOLI virtual convention - UnCon 2021 - will be July 25th through August 1, 2021. Registration opens to members on May 15th. There is no cost for the convention and the talks, events, and vendor room are free to all IOLI members. The class fee is $100 for each 9-hour workshop.

UnCon 2021 Lace Competition - still time to submit an entry for Lace a moon. Deadline July 22. Entries will be photos of your work. See website for details.

Hospice tree - no report at this time as to the amount of money raised from this project.

IOLI volunteer hours- Rose Ann still has not gotten clarification as to what qualifies as volunteer hours, specifically related to  knitting, sewing for other charities.

Plans for 2021: tallies - bobbin lace and tatting - Sylvia and Jan, simple mobile - Sylvia, Cathy - needlelace flowers, Idrija tape lace - Jan.  Sylvia suggested Prompts for May, e.g.,  what is your favorite tool or essential part for your lace making experience.

Jan shared her tatted snowflakes for the tree. She made one of every pattern in the book.
Cathy brought in extra books she found while reorganizing her apartment.

The next meeting is May 8, 2021, 1-3 p.m. at Ocenco, Inc. located at 10224-, 82nd Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI.  Topic- prompts by Sylvia

June 12th - tally by Sylvia
July  10th - Idija bobbin lace- Jan
August 14th - Idrija bobbin lace, continues - Jan
September 11th - Needle lace flowers - Cathy
October 9th - Mobile - Slyvia
November 13th - TBD


Rose Ann Ambrowiak