Lighthouse Lacers

March 2021 Lighthouse Lacers Newsletter

Happy sunny morning to you all.  Remember to set your clocks ahead tonight.

With the changes in covid guidance/access to vaccinations, etc for meetings, the board has opted to have our first in person meeting next month, April 10th at 1:00 p.m.

We will meet at Ocenco, Inc. 
10224 82nd Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI.
Masks will be worn and our space allows 6 foot distances for attendees.
Rose Ann is putting together the agenda and will be sending that out prior to the meeting.

In January, Jan Niederloh was recognized as volunteer of the month for Hospice Alliance. Thank you, Jan, for all the work you do for this organization.

The IOLI virtual convention will be held July 25th through August 1st.  Check IOLI website for updates for UnCon 2.0: The Silver Lining.

Happy lacing and see you in April.


Rose Ann Ambrowiak