Lighthouse Lacers

July 2021 Lighthouse Lacers Newsletter

Greeting Lacers:

The June 12th meeting was attended by seven members.

Our President, Rose Ann, opened the meeting and the following items were discussed:

1.         Masks - Ocenco has a policy that currently states that persons who are not fully vaccinated should wear a mask on premises, otherwise a mask is not required. We will follow these guidelines. Most members chose to continue to wear their masks during the meeting.

2.         Roster was sent from a Mac and the spreadsheet was not able to be opened by everyone. Several members have moved and these changes were made to the master. I will take a screen shot of revisions and send these out. In November, board will evaluate how to manage roster - should it reflect dues paying members only or anyone who has expressed an interest in following our Lace group.  Dues were not collected last year. 

3.         The 2020 Hospice Alliance raffle that included our tree raised $800. The winner had had a family member in hospice at the time, had not planned on putting up a tree, and was honored to win the tree and display it last year.

Starch used for ornaments - anything that is corn or sugar based could attach bugs. Artistic spray or stuffy have been used by some. Discussion will continue next month as to what members have used in past - should we all use the same product?

Two demonstrations were presented.
Sylvia brought her pillow and with her block inserts, she was able to  
demonstrate three different tallies.  Handouts were provided and she is completing a tube video that can be found on her daughter’s account: 
Robin J Carlson- How to work bobbin lace tallies.

If you were not at the meeting, contact Sylvia at for handouts.

Jan also brought handouts for the Cluny Star and demonstrated how to make the tatted cluny leaf.
Both presenters had tips to make tallies easier to achieve.

Show and Tell:

Cathy brought in the book "The Weavers Revenge" by Kathleen Ernst. The author used to work at the museum in Cedarberg. She has written multiple books based on different ethnic groups in Wisconsin and incorporates their crafts into her murder mysteries.
"It's a Wrap" by the Lace Guild was passed around.

Sylvia brought in an article about a Spanish lace maker who invented her own stitches. 

Next two meetings will include working with Jan on Idrija bobbin lace. She gave us a handout for July. Also see email sent 7-2 by Rose Ann. 

Bring your pillow and supplies, along with  five pairs of bobbins  wound with one yard of thread per bobbin, using 30 or 40 DMC thread.  Jan will give us the instructions and pattern for August meeting at the July session.

Meetings are scheduled from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at Ocenco, Inc. located at 10224 82nd Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI.

July 10th - Idija bobbin lace - Jan
August 14th - Idrija bobbin lace, continues - Jan
September 11th - Needle lace flowers - Cathy
October 9th - Mobile - Slyvia
November 13th - TBD
December 11th - Election of officers, dues collected

July 11th is International Lace Day - you can sign up to participate on Facebook

UnCon 2021 IOLI Virtual Convention: July 25th through August 1, 2021.

Happy Lacing

Rose Ann Ambrowiak