Lighthouse Lacers

August 2020 Lighthouse Lacers Newsletter

Good morning, Lacers!

 What a beautiful day!  I hope all of you can enjoy it.

After some discussion with the Lacers' board, we decided to have our August 8th meeting at Poerio Park here in Kenosha.  The address is 1401-16th Avenue.  There is a shelter by the parking lot.  We cannot reserve the shelter, so we may have to sit in the shade of nearby trees.  If the weather is bad, please use your common sense and stay home.  I will be there if it is warm, but not raining.  I plan on getting to the park about 12:30 to find a place to meet.  Please bring your own lawn chair and mask.  My cell phone number is (262) 237-0337 if you should want to call/text me on the day and check if the meeting is a go.   The COVID virus is still very present in Kenosha, so only come if you feel comfortable to do so.  As much as I miss seeing our members, it is better to be safe than sorry.  

Our August meeting was to include an IOLI convention report from Jan Neiderloh.  Please see the attached email Jan sent me.  Due to health issues in her home, she is not able to attend any meetings at the moment.

 I submitted the required IRS non-profit tax form for this last fiscal year.

Sylvia Carlson asked about the Hospice Christmas tree.  I have left two messages with Hospice Alliance asking about the raffle.  Since I haven't heard, I will plan on finishing the garland and tree skirt by October 1st.  If they don't have the raffle this year, I will be ready for the next one.  If you have ornaments please bring them to the meeting or contact me so we can arrange a drop off or pick up.

Please continue to take care of yourselves.

Future meetings:

August 8th - Convention report
September 12th - No agenda planned
October 10th - Decorate Hospice Tree (See note above)
November 14th - No agenda planned
December 12th - Holiday luncheon and election of officers

The above meetings are all up in the air.  The board will have to discuss how the August meeting went before making solid plans for any future meetings.  If anyone has other ideas for meeting places, please let me know. 

Happy lacing 

Rose Ann Ambrowiak